Wayward Books

Children's books written and illustrated by Melynda von Wayward

For children aged 2-8

The Adventures of Finn

  • Finn Goes to Bed

  • Finn Takes a Bath

  • Finn Goes to Work

This is Finn. 

Finn is thin with long red hair that goes down to there.

Finn has a great big friendly smile and a funny clothing style. 

Finn is very, very tall, so all around is very small. 

Finn lives in a little house, with a little squeaky mouse.

Join Finn and his little friend the squeaky mouse as Finn goes to bed, takes a bath and goes to work. 

This fun and colourful children's books series has been created from a pastiche of AI, cartoons, graphics and real-life photography. 

The Adventures of Finn also come with a bonus theme song which can be downloaded on Bandcamp.

In-Person Readings and Creative Workshops

The Author is available to do in-person readings and creative workshops for schools, libraries and other child-friendly environments and creative events.

She holds a current Working with Children's Check Card

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E-Book for Kindle

The Adventures of Finn Series - E-Book for Kindle reader. 

$7 USD

E-Book/Print on Demand - Bookemon 

The Adventures of Finn Series - E-book.

A print on demand option is also available for an additional fee. 

7.99 USD

Narrated E-Book and Video with Theme Song - HeyZine

The Adventures of Finn - Narrated E-Book and video series.

Each E-book comes with a complimentary video. The E-books and videos are narrated by the author and the narration can be turned off on the E-book if desired.  Customers must first purchase a link via Payhip to view each E-Book and video.  A PDF/ MP4 download is also available.     

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