Digital Collage Art

All images are available to purchase for $150 and will be printed as an A2 poster size on paper (420 x 594mm)

All pieces are numbered out of 100

Series 1 - Body Parts

At the beginning of 2023 The Wayward Woman began an in-depth exploration into the medium of collage and ended up creating roughly 30 digital collage pieces that combine images such as selfies, provocative body shots, landscape images and more.

These images are meant to both confront the viewer and ask them to think.

As a feminist, I am not only interested in exploring the theme of how women are viewed on an aesthetic level in society, but by using digital images of my own face and body I am re-examining and reclaiming these images of myself so that they may become part of an alternative and empowering narrative. 

Warning: Some of these images contain nudity!

Series 2 - Coming Soon

Series 3 - Coming Soon